April 2 2006

Before we go any further we must just share this sign with you

Can't make it any plainer

Enough of that. This is what we came for.

and this

and even this
albeit with some reservations

t-shirt for sale

not bad for a five year old

Let us saddle up and head for the hills

(should that be howdah up'?)

Our trusty steed. Allow us to introduce Diadem. She's twelve years old and comes from Esher in Surrey.

Her favourite band is the Killers and she just loves those bananas.

even when some idiot
drops them on her head

that's better

so onto the ox-carts

Song of the vulgar boatman!

A very nice American punter

and thence to the rafts

Water nymph?

Yea even in the river even in the mighty Mae Ping we cannot escape the market. The Lisu tribespeople have embraced tourism and change from their Westernised everyday wear (allegedly) at the first sight of approaching farang. Even in a river. We bought a traditional holder for small bottles of mineral water.

On to an

which also boasted a butterfly farm. Not the best season for butterflies.

Back in town that evening we found the usual Sunday market spilling over into most main streets and augmented by a festive atmosphere for the coming New Year (Songkran. Even live shows. Or semi-live. The couple are dancing and miming to songs telling the story (we think) that an old woman was relating to her modern-day grandkids on the set behind them (also mimed to a recording). We think she was reminiscing about meeting their grandad.

There was great food to be had in the streets and we even had the nerve to end up with durian ice-cream.

How to follow that? Cookery school. What else?

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