April 3 2006

After another buffet breakfast we were collected from the hotel and driven to the Thai Chocolate Cookery School where we met the lovely Malee Impraphai and her delightful assistants.

Our merry band of Cooks were first taken to the local market and shown ingredients and how to buy them.

Back at base it was time to start our first dish. We present a Nymph making and eating some delicious porpia tord or Thai spring rolls.


Now for the mainstay of fancy Thai cuisine. Dai and Zoe demonstrate the preparation of gaeng keow wan gai or green chicken curry:




What better to follow that than a nice somtam or green papaya salad?

After that we also made and ate pad thai noodles and gai pad bai kraphao or stir fried chicken with holy basil leaves but were too busy cooking and eating to waste any time taking photos.

We finished off with or perhaps were finished off by fried bananas in toffeed coconut milk with (supplied ready made) vanilla ice cream.

Then we got to sample assorted exotic fruits like this scary (and rather bland) dragon fruit.

After that and a rest it was time for our Thai massage. What the yellow pages classifies as a 'Massage: Health' despite it feeling like every bone in your body is being broken and/or dislocated and then reset. But the effect afterwards is well worth the suffering.

An evening stroll by and over the river and through the bars with their middleaged expats and holidaymakers being sweettalked by bargirls culminated in an alfresco light snack at the bustling night market where I didn't buy a shirt or a 'Jaeger le Coultre' watch but we did eat a few river prawns and other stuff.

The next day was our last in town. Someone's taking us to the zoo tomorrow ...

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