Little Mr Poonlop — Pass it on!

Mr Poonlop and I would love you to tell us if you've enjoyed his first book. I'd even like to hear if you haven't, especially if you can tell me why not or how I might make the next one better.

But we'd also like you to tell all your friends, out there in Webland or even in what we used to call "The Real World". Then maybe they'd like to read it too. You could print them a copy as a present — or just send them to this site.

Perhaps you've come here because a friend told you it was worth a look. Maybe you got a copy of Little Mr Poonlop's Chain Letter (which isn't really a chain letter). If you did, we hope you feel like forwarding it to some of your other friends — or even your enemies, if you didn't like it. Do add a message of your own too: make it more personal and friendly.

If you haven't seen the chain letter but think it might be fun to send out a copy, this is what you do:

  • Click here to load the text to send
  • Cut and paste the whole text into an e-mail
  • Give the mail a nice Subject like "A Really Funny Book" , "Little Mr Poonlop is here" or "Have you got any custard?"
  • Add your own touches (like, "Hi there, I read this book, it's really great, much funnier than Harry Potter, read it or I'll come round and put hedgehogs in your bed!")
  • In the address list put the names of all your friends who might like to read it to themselves or their kids or even someone else's kids who they've captured and tied up so they can read to them
  • Take out the name of the person who sent it to you so they don't get it again and get angry and put hedgehogs in your bed
  • Send the e-mail
  • Send Mr Poonlop a mail to tell him you've done it — send money too if you like
  • Check your bed for hedgehogs then settle down to read Little Mr Poonlop's Seventh Holiday again

If that's all too much for you, you can return to his Little Home Page anyway.