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So, you want to read more of Mr Poonlop's story?

Maybe you want to print a copy for yourself or your friends?
Well, you've come to the right place.

Here you can download a copy of the book with spaces for you to add your own illustrations
and even a snazzy cover

The first thing you have to do is download a file:

you can have the brilliant version (poonbok.pdf) that prints and folds into a book ~
see below for more details;

or a simple rich text file (poontxt.rtf) which any word processor can print
on 27 sides of A4 paper, with no further kerfuffle.

Like the author, this page is getting a bit long in the tooth.
Most folks can download huge files in seconds now, and print double-sided in booklet form and all that snazzy stuff.
So we now have another version you can read or download and print (with less space for illustrations, admittedly),
by clicking right here!
I'd suggest printing pages 1,2,83,84 on one double side booklet,
then 3-22, 23-42, 43-62 and 63-82
as 4 booklets to fold and put between the covers.

AND STILL óó if you have one of those snazzy electronic reader things,
called a Dwindle or a Spindle or a Nook or even a wonderful Sony Reader,
you can download a file specially to go on that (yay!).

HERE'S the SONY READER or NOOK ('epub') file

and HERE'S the file ('mobi') for an AMAZON KINDLE

Just click the filename you prefer ~ or all of them, if you're feeling greedy.
If you have the right sort of browser, right click and choose "Save Target As..." to download it.

If you've gone for the snazzy book format:

print it out on 20 sheets of paper, double sided,
and fold 'em up into eighty pages of fun.

(Full instructions are given on the front page, which you don't need to print.
The file's about half a megabyte, by the way.
Apparently it takes a while to appear from the web and open Ė but have patience and appear it will.)

Youíll need Adobe Reader or some equivalent software to read and print it.
Don't worry though; itís free, just click the name ~ if you havenít got it yet or canít work out how, just email me and Iíll help you out.

Youíll need Mr Poonlop's password too.
Youíll have to write to him for it.
(Okay, that's a joke ~ the password is 'tohimforit').

Then you can print the cover.
Click here for it, like you did for the book.

This is another pdf file but you'll need to print it on a piece of white card which is 31x21cm, not just A4.
That means you can have the title down the spine. Dead professional looking!
If you can't get a piece of card that size, get a grown up to help you cut one out — but always make sure they aren't a homicidal maniac before you give them permission to use sharp tools.

Any questions or comments can be sent to Mr Poonlop himself.


And if you do, why not write and tell Mr Poonlop about it? And pass it on to your friends?

In fact, why not go to his Little Home Page to see what's what?