Jing's Education Questionnaire

My name is Jing Gao and I am an educationalist from Hangzhou in China. I am a music teacher in a large primary school, but also involved in education theory and practice on a wider scale.

I am nearing the end of an extended visit to the UK. I want to find out more about attitudes to education and life here and all over the Continent.

So I have prepared a short questionnaire, and I would be very grateful if you could help me by responding to some or all of the questions below. Perhaps I could even meet some of you and we could chat about these topics at greater length.

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I'm well aware that the questionnaire looks dauntingly long to many people. As this is not really a survey and I want to gather a range of opinions and anecdotes rather than bald statistics, it does take up a lot of space. But I have designed the questions so you can give a lot of detail or just a few words, and I will be grateful for any response.

Feel free to give a lot of information if you wish or just fill in a few of the smaller boxes, or concentrate on the areas that interest you most. No fields are 'required' and no names will be cited without express permission, so answer as you feel best. It will all be very useful for my project. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!

NOTE: at this early stage it appears some browsers, such as Chrome and my Chinese one are jumbling some parts of the form. Dai is working to fix this (probably by dragging himself into the 21st Century with CSS etc), so if you can't get onto Safari or IE or Firefox, feel free to come back later - or just fill in the fields where they lay.

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