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A chess set and associated stuff, based on the design by Max Ernst for Marcel Duchamp in 1944

my version ...

(hand-carved chess set in brazilian mahogany, 2010)

Marcel Duchamp with the original set and me with mine (need to redo this pic to get the chess set bigger)

Anna Freemantle, (coincidentally) dressed as the black queen at a Noir! fashion show

CLICK HERE for pics of the original set:
Ernst playing Dorothea Tanning, the white pieces and Duchamp with the set.

AND HERE you can see Duchamp playing a naked Eva Babitz
in front of his Large Glass at the 1963 Pasadena retrospective of his work.

I thought that was rather sexist, so with heartfelt thanks to Natasha Staples,
here is my own answer to that picture ...

(I was pleased to hear that, in the recent display of the set and photos
at the Scottish Arts Club,
an elderly woman was heard to exclaim, on looking at the above photo,
"Who is that disgusting young man?!")

next plan make a short film of myself
dressed in black and white suits playing a seven move fool's mate game
at locations between Edinburgh Airport and Leith Docks.

Watch this space!

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